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2014 Capital City Dragon Boat Race

August 23rd, 2014 by Corey A. Edwards

2014 Capital City Dragon Boat RaceCome down to Adado Riverfront Park in Lansing, MI on September 13th and 14th to cheer on your favorite team at the 2014 Capital City Dragon Boat Race!

The Capital City Dragon Boat Race is an exciting and colorful fundraiser for the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing. In this event, teams of Dragon Boat paddlers race the clock and each other as they strain to be the first to capture their flags on the Grand River – exciting fun and all for a good cause!

The colorful and fascinating Dragon Boats are raced by teams of 20 to 18 paddlers, driven by one drummer, and carrying one designated flag catcher. Boats are designed and decorated by the teams or the company’s sponsoring them and are a big part of what makes this race so much fun to attend. Dragon Boats are traditionally slim, 44’ long racers decorated with the head and tail of a dragon at bow and stern, respectively.

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