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Buster Keaton is Romantic

February 3rd, 2010 by insideout

If you are planning to stay at our bed and breakfast Lansing over the long Valentine’s Day / President’s Day weekend, may we suggest an afternoon at the Grand Ledge Opera House?

Buster Keaton with live organ music!

Buster Keaton with live organ music!

February 14, 2010, at 3pm, the Opera House will showcase two films by Buster Keaton, complete with organ accompaniment. This special Valentine’s Day event is presented by Lansing Theater Organ. Organist Scott Smith will accompany Keaton’s feature length comedy “Seven Chances” and his short film “One Week”. See these films as they were meant to be seen, with live music filling your ears.

What a perfect addition to a romantic holiday weekend. After all, there is something intrinsically romantic about the cinema. Before the film there is time for an intimate chat, heads bent close together, voices hushed. During the film, hands meet in the popcorn bag.

Then there is the emotion. In the darkened room we feel free to fully give ourselves over to joy or grief, hilarity or sorrow. Upon emerging into the light, we shake ourselves and launch into conversation about the film. Never a dull moment.

Consider an afternoon with the Great Stoneface while you are enjoying the Ultimate Getaway Package at our Lansing inn. Your laughter may increase your appetite, so you’ll be able to more fully appreciate our sumptuous breakfasts and a champagne dinner. Plus, it will be fun.

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