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Visit the MSU Museum In Lansing, MI

February 10th, 2014 by Corey A. Edwards

MSU Museum - Tyrannosaur SkeletonOne attraction you don’t want to miss when in the Lansing area is the Michigan State University or MSU Museum. With three floors of exciting collections, the MSU Museum has something for everyone.

Michigan’s most popular natural, cultural history museum the MSU Museum features exhibits devoted to world cultures, evolution, animal diversity and heritage with an emphasis on the Great Lakes region.

The MSU Museum has nearly 1 million items in its collections, which they have been actively building since the museum was founded in 1857. The “Collection Connection” is an ongoing, first floor exhibit of selected artifacts highlighting fossils and specimens preserved in fluid from MSU Museum’s Vertebrate Natural History Collections.

Other long-term exhibitions include the Habitat Hall with life-sized dioramas of the various natural environments of North America as well as complete, mounted fossil skeletons of dinosaurs; the Hall of Animal Diversity showing the range of color, size and habits of the animal world; the Hall of Evolution with chronologically arranged fossils including touchable fossil reproductions, and the Hall of World Cultures containing artifacts from all over the world.

Current, temporary exhibits feature such fascinating subjects as Michigan and the Civil War, highlighting artifacts and stories connecting Michigan to both the Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln; The Michigan Folksong Legacy, bringing folk music collector Alan Lomax’s 1938 journey to life through photographs and sound recordings; and Evolution In Action, an exhibit designed to demonstrate how evolution is not only ongoing but observable in the living world around us.

Whatever your interests, the MSU Museum will not disappoint!

The MSU Museum

MSU Museum LogoFor more information about the Michigan State University Museum, please visit:

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