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February 2nd, 2011 by insideout

Enjoy the snow while it's here.

Snow, snow, snow!

It’s easy to grumble about the snow. If it comes down hard, fast, and heavy enough, it can impact our work and play schedules for days. Simple things like restocking the cupboards become challenging. Travel becomes an odyssey, and once you get to where you were going, you may find it closed.

Case in point, our Eaton Rapids, Michigan, Restaurant is closed today due to heavy snows.

Nonetheless, snow is also cause for celebration, for snow days are not without their merits. Parents home from work with their children home from school suddenly have time for snow ball fights and building snow forts. Such hard work must be followed by a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a cuddle with a book, preferably by a hot fire. What was going to be an ordinary day is suddenly transformed into something magical, the memories of which will warm hearts for years.

Couples unable to get to work have time for mundane chores, of course, but may also sneak outside to walk hand-in-hand through snowdrifts. Back inside, they warm up with a grog and the all-important cuddle by the fire. The work day is now a lovely romantic moment.

We’re sorry our Michigan fine dining restaurant is closed today, and we will be open tomorrow. In the meantime. we hope you’ll all make the most of this magical day of snow.

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