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Horseback Riding in the Michigan Countryside

August 16th, 2013 by Corey A. Edwards

Horseback Riding in the Michigan Countryside
If you’re an equestrian staying with us here at The English Inn, Eaton Rapids and the surrounding area offers the perfect landscape for horseback riding. The region features many scenic trails and parks, including some lovely trails along our waterways. There may be just as many riding stables and farms that cater to the horseback riding pastime as there are places to ride, whether you ride as a hobby or a sport.

If you’ve never been in the saddle before, you might not think of horseback riding as a sport unless racing is involved but it takes balance, strong legs, and a stable core to ride well. Horseback riding can be a serious – or light – workout and is definitely an awesome way to spend some quality time in the great outdoors.

Many of the area’s stables offer horseback riding opportunities for the uninitiated as well as the experienced. Many are prepared to cater to groups or offer related services well beyond guided trail riding, up to and including dressage and traditional, mounted hunt with foxhounds!

Here are just a few of the riding stables in the area:

Sundance Riding Stables
Sundance Riding Stables offers horseback riding for all skill levels and 200 acres of scenic countryside to do it in.

Massman Stables
Massman Stables offers horseback riding lessons in half-hour and hour blocks of time.

Brighton Recreation Riding Stable
Brighton Recreation Riding Stable offers trail rides, pony rides, hay rides, and more.

Horse-N Around Stables
Horse-N Around Stables offers 1 hour and 1/2 hour horseback trail rides for individuals and large groups.

Whatever your horseback riding desires, the area around The English Inn and Eaton Rapids can satisfy them!

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